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Campaign: How to be a great employer

By Liz McCall     
Campaign: How to be a great employer

Have you read Suzy Bashford’s article in Campaign talking about what it takes to attract and retain talented people in marcoms today. Read more at http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/great-employer/1438345#bKJr9rmfguJKLPt8.99

We, at The Industry School, recognize talented people are hungry to progress and so we offer industry-specific workshops run by experts to help businesses and their talent to progress in this ever-changing market. Visit www.theindustryschool.co.uk

Here’s a quick snapshot:

“Talent is hungry to progress, so the best employees want to work for a company that is committed to developing them; not one that cuts its training budget at the first sign of economic difficulty. Employees don’t want generic, off-the-shelf solutions, either. They want tailored opportunities that grow them personally as well as professionally. Many employers have responded by facilitating workers to develop new skills and hobbies, even if unrelated to their day job. “

“Employees expect to be nurtured and supported in their career – a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach just doesn’t work when looking to future-proof and retain talent,” Helen Tucker, HR global diversity and inclusion director at Procter & Gamble, says. “It’s not just a case of talent retention, though – by emphasising professional and personal development, we know that employees will be more personally fulfilled and produce better results.”

P&G designs individualised de-velopment programmes, through a mix of classroom-based and digital training options and a bespoke work plan with one-to-one coaching from direct managers. “This, coupled with the vast range of assignments across categories and geographies that are on offer, means we can offer employees a wealth of experience both personally and professionally,” Tucker adds.

Companies serious about developing their people are also moving away from annual reviews to more regular, as-you-go progress reports. Debbie Klein, chief executive of Engine Europe and Asia-Pacific, calls this “fast feedback” and says “it’s what millen-nials want” because it supports “an open and collaborative workplace”.

Read more at http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/great-employer/1438345#bKJr9rmfguJKLPt8.99