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Exploding the Myths

By Melissa Smith     
Exploding the Myths

Q&A with Dan Hibbins – Digital Delivery Expert at The Industry School

Getting into digital can be intimidating to the uninitiated. That’s why the Industry Club holds regular training courses for those looking to make the leap into digital production and project management – or pick up a few extra skills once they’ve already jumped in. We’re lucky to have seasoned digital guru Dan Hibbins running our workshops.
Dan’s career in the industry has grown along with the internet, and he’s been working in digital since the web was barely out of nappies. He has managed big teams of developers and project managers and knows the challenges of UX and QA inside out  and at Easy Jet.
Dan’s probably most enthused when he’s sharing his knowledge and experience with agency project managers and account handlers and is constantly on the lookout for innovative tech solutions to client problems.
We asked him about him about his professional background, how his career prepared him for digital training and what tech innovations have got him most excited.
Can you give us a summary of your career to date?
I started out as a developer with Wunderman, building the first websites for Ford Motor Company, progressing through various developer roles before taking over as Head of Technology at TEQUILA\. More recently, I’ve been working in e-commerce at Easy Jet and my time is split between that and running The Industry School training sessions.
Why did you choose a career in tech?
I’ve had a fascination with all things technical from an early age. This led to me doing a computer science degree in Brighton and onto Wunderman as part of my sandwich course. I was lucky that I joined when the internet was exploding in the late 90s; it fuelled my thirst for new technology and finding new ways to do things. Even now, no two projects are the same and I can’t wait for the big tech conferences each year when Google, Microsoft and Apples announce what’s new. It never sleeps.
Where did the idea for the Digital Delivery – Exploding the Myths course come from?
Having spent a career in agencies, I’ve spent a lot of time with people who don’t think of themselves as digital. But what does that mean? After numerous conversations, it became obvious it was down the language and terminology, the jargon and the endless acronyms. I wanted to show that if you apply a framework, as you would when you manage any project, then digital becomes easier to understand. If we ‘explode’ some of the myths and explain the terms and technologies involved, it becomes much more obvious.
Who’s attended your course this year?
We’ve trained many of the leading agencies including JWT, Leo Burnett, M&C Saatchi, The Red Brick Road and O&M’s Project Management teams.
What makes you a good trainer?
When delegates see you’ve been there and done it, it really helps. I’m also able to simplify the technology (which is part of what scares people initially), and communicate that at an easy-to-understand level.
More and more agencies are adopting agile and scrum methodologies – do you believe marketing agencies can work in a truly agile way?
I think it’s hard for true agility to exist unless you are delivering a product – the creative process for campaign development doesn’t lend itself to agile methodologies as the client will need to see what they are getting. Most agencies I speak to use elements of agile and this is typically confined to the technical development part of the project.
And finally, what advice would you give someone looking to move into delivering digital marketing?
Work hard and play hard! Keep up to date, read the blogs and use the devices and platforms. Basically get involved; once you are engaged personally the rest just comes naturally.
Click here For more information about The Industry School’s Digital Delivery Programme or contact us today on 0207 323 1966