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      Breakfast Briefing: Management & HR – Cultivate your culture.

      By Adela Halls     

      Toast #002

      Breakfast Briefing: Management and HR

      Cultivate your culture


      Spreading knowledge in the morning

      Join us for a Breakfast Briefing on February 27th where speaker Magnus Wood, co-founder of The Business Buddha, will explore how to cultivate your culture.

      You’ve probably been in meetings where purposes have been defined, values debated and visions agreed. In other words, you’ve helped shape the top layer of your culture sandwich.

      You’ve then discussed this with the people who’ll do the actual work – colleagues who provide the base layer of your sandwich.

      However, as yet there’s nothing in the middle to make the sandwich complete. Just an emptiness where negative behaviours, infighting and other drains on positive culture can thrive.

      Until you fill this space with good stuff, all you have is a Culture Air Sandwich.

      Having headed up toxic organisations – and enjoyed more positive experiences with corporates, scale-ups and start-ups – Magnus has identified the Five Keys to Filling the Culture Air Sandwich.

      He’ll share original research on the warning signs of a toxic work culture and his proven strategies for avoiding the damage they can cause.


      Magnus’ take on organisational culture

      ‘Company culture is NOT table football and beers on a Friday. Nor is it your ‘purpose’, ‘vision statement’, ‘core values’ or any of the other stuff on your About us page.

      It’s what happens when senior management isn’t looking. It’s how people show up to meetings, the respect they show each other and their attitudes to behaviours such as bullying.

      Put simply, company culture is the sum total of shared values and group behaviours that evolve into patterns over time. No surprise then that positive work cultures create happier, more creative and more productive places to work.’


      How important is organisational culture?

      Very. In a 2018 study by the American job site JobList, 45.8% of 995 respondents cited work culture as the reason for quitting their job without having another one to go. Of these, 39% went as far as describing their former work environment as toxic.

      Symptoms of a toxic work culture include absenteeism, high staff turnover, giving some people preferential treatment, denying others the autonomy they merit, gossiping and more.


      What you’ll learn 

      At this TOAST Event, you’ll find out how to get under the skin of your workplace’s culture.

       You’ll learn to distinguish between explicit and implicit culture and what they’re doing to your business – all backed up by research.

      And you’ll leave with Magnus’s Five Keys to Filling the Culture Air Sandwich – strategies that will go a long way to creating a workplace people love. Best of all, you can start implementing these strategies as soon as you get back to the office.


      Who should come?

      HR, senior management, department heads – anyone in fact who gives a damn about the people they work with.


      Meet Magnus Wood

      Magnus is a Co-founder of The Business Buddha, a consultancy that believes in conscious organisations where people enjoy purpose, creativity and wellbeing at work. The Business Buddha works with forward-thinking leaders who want their organisations and people to thrive and grow. The consultancy’s services include:

      • Horsepower Leadership – working with horses to develop leadership, trust and wellbeing
      • Workshops – rebooting teams and maximising effective organisational design
      • One-to-one executive coaching – developing practices and tools to support self-management in teams

      Magnus is also a TEDx host, keynote speaker, personal development writer and cook.


      And How to book

      Toast #002 will take place on 27th February 2020. Limited places available, book yours here.