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The half-arsed resource request

By Jo Petroccia     
The half-arsed resource request

If you’re a resource manager in a busy agency, you’ll probably be all too familiar with the half-arsed resource request. The half-arsed resource request (HARR) usually comes in the form of an email that reads something like: ‘Is there any design resource free next week?’ with no other detail.

This is hugely frustrating for resource managers (and internally the response is ‘ffs, I’m not a mind reader’) but HARRs are bad news and point to more serious issues:

  1. HARRs perpetuate the idea that resource management is little (or nothing) more than human Tetris. When this misconception becomes the norm, you fail to get the best out of the resource management function.
  2. HARRs are lazy. People are busy, we get it, but half-arsed resource requests just waste time and create more work for everyone. The resource manager now has to pester for the real information needed– why, what, when, how much?
  3. HARRs devalue the resource manager’s role and show a lack of understanding of the discipline from the HARRers. A resource manager is your ally, your secret weapon to good project health. Work with them, not against them.
  4. HARRs are reactive, usually a knee jerk reaction to a client request. It’s a sure sign that project and resource planning is reactive, which in turn means your finance, recruitment and staff development planning is reactive and shortsighted. That makes things costly.

As well as finding the right resource manager for your business, you need to train others in your agency to collaborate with them and understand that it’s a crucial discipline that will add value and make their life easier. And then watch your bottom line increase by 10 per cent minimum.

Join us at our next CPD certified Resource Management Workshop or get in touch discuss resource management consultancy, bespoke in-house training and mentoring.

Jo P, Resource Management Consultant & Trainer.