Key Information Document

Key Information Document

Key information documents are intended to give freelancers a number of pay related facts, along with some other details about their engagement, prior to agreeing terms with the recruitment business.

This is so they have more information about their pay at an earlier stage, particularly so that they can see how deductions and fees affect their pay through the supply chain.

Before you take on a new assignment through The Industry Club either as a limited company provider or through an Umbrella provider, we will supply a Key Information Document to you.

Below is an example of what this document will include if you are working through an Umbrella.

If you are a limited company freelancer, it is unlikely there will be any deductions made between us, the recruitment business and your limited company as you are responsible for making these through your own returns but we will provide a KID to you confirming this at the time of the booking.

Example Key Information Document

Representative example statementUmbrella incomeWorker income
Example gross rate of pay to intermediary or umbrella company from us:£328.40 weeklyx
Deductions from intermediary or umbrella income required by law: (Employer’s NI, apprenticeship levy, etc.) £17 tax
£22 employer’s NI
Any other deductions from intermediary or umbrella’s income: (Administration fee, margin, etc.)£15 margin weeklyx
Example rate of pay to you:x£274.40 weekly
Deductions from your pay required by law: (Tax, NI, etc.) x£10 Income tax
£15 NI
Any other deductions or costs from your wage: (Private healthcare, etc.)x£13 pension contribution
Any fees for goods or services and their frequency: (Training, DBS check etc.)x£26 DBS check (one-off)
Example net take home pay: (Following all estimated deductions, costs and fees)x£225.40 weekly