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The world is changing at record speed. New technology and channels have revolutionised everything. This brings both challenges and great opportunities for agencies, along with a strong requirement to redefine and reinvent their processes, people and systems.

Only too often agencies concentrate on three areas – the strategy, the work and the Client. Understandably so, as this is what drives our vision and passions to produce the best creative product possible. However, there is an entirely separate entity that needs as much, if not, more attention to underpin those areas. Agency operations.

All too often agencies experience great growth without the structure or processes to support it or the right resources to deliver the work.

The Ops Clinic know that getting internal operations right is critical to the success of an agency.


We work in partnership with companies to achieve best practice across their business processes.

Being in a creative business doesn’t mean you have to be disorganised. To make real magic, you need logic.

It’s proven that efficient processes lead to better work, contented clients, improved financial performance and an enthused work force. Strong processes cut out waste, control costs and do not ‘over engineer’ teams.

Every company has different operational issues. Culture is also very important in creative organisations. We understand the challenges in managing change, both on an operational and cultural level.

Companies need the right team to manage their operations. We work with you to develop a seem less process, identify the right people to implement and manage this and the necessary training to up-skill existing staff through our bespoke training to meet your organisation’s objectives.


We also offer commercial support for agencies looking to grow.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Today’s climate is complicated and businesses need to make tough decisions based on scarce resources available. We help agencies look at their strengths and weaknesses and help them prioritise on what gaps need to be filled to achieve their long term ambition. We call this the Business Plan.

A good Business Plan will help you make the right decisions that will deliver you successful commercial growth.


Your price is the reward for the work that you do. If you are the very best at what you do, your price will reflect this and will be rightfully more expensive than the competition. If your strategy is to offer value for money, then equally your price will reflect this too. The link between perceived quality and price is perfectly correlated.

The difficulty we have is confusing price with cost. Cost is irrelevant when it comes to how much clients benefit from your services, although this is still the dominant methodology used in our sector.

Our training will help you understand your value proposition and how to defend it.



Don't take our WORD for it...

The Ops Clinic consulted with Red Brick Road helping them reach their operational objectives for 2016.

Working closely with the senior management team, we future proofed the agency operations by evolving their existing
processes and re-structuring their project management function enabling the agency to meet their growth ambitions for the following 12 months.

Hear what they had to say about the Ops Clinic.



The Industry Club worked as a partner with us to first of all fully understand the issues the business was facing, and the structural changes needed to address these constantly changing requirements. Their first hand agency experience has meant they were able to work swiftly with our management team in analyzing the issues and implementing realistic, workable solutions. Through this process The Industry Club have demonstrated their strategic approach to recruitment, supporting both the agency and candidate through the process ensuring all parties delivery to their maximum capabilities.



I was really impressed with The Ops Clinic, the way it enabled us to become very action focused off the back of it. It was a piece of consultancy, which we needed, which quickly led to some tangible outputs.

They have a great team of experts and there’s a genuine integrity to the advice that they give.

They really got our issues quickly. The fact that we had people in here for several days speaking to all sorts of people, from junior to senior, meant that the issues and the challenges that we were just facing were understood much more quickly than they would have been otherwise.



Following a period of rapid growth, we asked Melissa to come into iris to observe our processes, systems and behaviors. The result was an incredibly insightful analysis of our strengths – and the weakness that could hold us back in the future. By the end of the first week one she’d suggested a number of really effective “quick wins” and she subsequently outlined a long-term strategic solution to our creative services / project management
function – enabling us to deliver diverse solutions, at aped, with quality.

Better still, she managed o create consensus amongst a wide range of stakeholders, enabling the solution to be quickly adopted and implemented.

And to top it all off, she was a good laugh
to have around. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Don’t drink her tea though – it’s terrible.



Melissa spent 2 weeks in our Ogilvy Action office analyzing and observing how our operations were working. Her insight into the process and people dynamics was fantastic and she made us clearly understand why things were not optimum and how to change them.

I wish I had hired Melissa much earlier as her experience and insight into agency
operations proved invaluable.


We worked with the Industry Club’s consulting arm to conduct a comprehensive review our internal production capability, process and hardware and deliver recommendation suitable for our business needs and future requirements. They produced a brilliantly comprehensive set of recommendations that build on elements of what we had and introduced new thinking and processes where necessary. We are in the process of implementing the plan in totality and initial feedback from the business and the management team is very positive.





Melissa Smith

Project Management and Operations Consultant

Having spent 20 years working in project management and senior operational roles across some of London’s leading agencies at Board Level, Melissa set up The Ops Clinic, helping numerous companies reach their operational objectives through her hands on consultancy. Melissa delivers effective processes and re-engineers structures and systems to consistently support companies in maximising creative and commercial opportunities. She is also the trainer for our industry recognised Project Management Workshops and a regular contributor to  The Drum magazine, Advertising Week  in the areas of Operations and promoting diversity and gender equality in Adland.

Jo Petroccia

Resource Management Consultant & Trainer

As a leading resource management consultant and trainer, Jo helps her clients get the most from their Resource Management function by focusing on their wider business goals. Transformation is at the heart of her expertise, particularly focusing on improvements in efficiency and culture. Resource Management, finance, new business development, project management, recruitment and HR all fall within the scope of Jo’s consultancy expertise. Tired of seeing resource management treated as a game of human tetris, Jo developed a resource management workshop and regularly publishes articles to highlight the value this unique discipline plays in a business.

Chalice Croke

Creative Operations Consultant

Chalice has over 24 years’ integrated agency experience. She has worked at board level as Head of Operations for several leading advertising, digital and direct agencies in London

Her knowledge is underpinned by in-depth experience in agency process design and implementation, systems analysis, new business development, client relationship management, strategy, creative, design, project management, creative production, resource management, quality control, technology and innovation, leadership, staff training and development, procurement, finance forecasting, departmental budget management and revenue recognition. 

Chalice has a proven track record in showing agencies how to operate like clockwork whilst protecting their bottom line.

Andrew Reeves

Commercial and pricing consultant

Andrew Reeves has more than 20 years experience in marketing services practicing commercial management. He is passionate about creativity and its value add and committed to helping agencies commercialise their unique capabilities for their clients. Over the years Andrew has led commercial strategies that have helped agency growth plans including value pricing, annual budgeting and client remuneration. In 2015 Andrew set up as a consultant advising independent agencies on growth plans and on realising their full value potential.  

The Industry School delivers innovative, cost effective training for the creative communications industry – which as a profession changes so rapidly that keeping skills up to date is a necessity for business growth and success. Our workshops are developed and delivered by industry insiders.

Our unique workshops incorporate core business skills, the latest theories and masses of skills practice to make the session relevant and the information immediately retained by the attendee.

Our Workshops

Project Management Workshop

This one-day interactive workshop delivers really immersive training for anyone project managing marketing projects. Using our process framework, a real case study and project documentation, attendees complete exercises at each phase of the project cycle from scoping to evaluation.

This problem based learning is a great method for project management training. We present a problem that needs a resolution – a key skill for any Project Manager.


Resource Management Workshop

In this unique, engaging and practical workshop you’ll learn how resource management can positively transform internal operations and improve profit margins.

If you want to add 10% to your bottom line, improve project health, drive staff retention, align your recruitment and training plans to your business pipeline then this workshop is highly relevant for you.

Content Production Workshop

Our one-day Content Production workshop with film at its core, provides attendees with a deeper understanding of planning, production and the delivery of filmed content plus the associated documentation to successfully manage legal business affairs. We look at all types of content from small-scale video productions to TV broadcast.

Taken by Industry expert Leila Bartlam, the workshop is perfect for anyone looking to add moving image production to their skill set.

Account Management: Advanced Basics Workshop

Our Advanced Basics workshop is an in-depth study of the successful client relationship – and how to control it.

We’ll take you through best practice techniques in account management and highlight the markers of a winning rapport with clients. Through interactive exercises, you’ll discover how to use your awareness of these signs to continually develop your relationships with clients and, where necessary, overcome the inevitable challenges in your day-to-day dealings.

Account Management: The Advanced Account Handler Workshop

Discover how to make the transition from doer and brief-taker to thinker and brief-creator.

This one-day workshop delves deep into the secrets of the strategic client relationship. We explore the value of account planning and uncover the techniques that will help you become indispensable to your clients.

We also look at the balance between macro and micro level thinking and the importance of developing a single-minded view of your client’s end goal.

The Critical Role Of The Creative Brief Workshop

John Almond, author of “Where Have All the Big Ideas Gone? The critical role of the creative brief in producing great ideas,” demonstrates why a brilliant creative brief really matters.

Drawing on an eclectic mix of sources that includes The Sex Pistols, the SAS and his godson, John makes a compelling case for the creative brief and presents examples of great ideas that would never have been conceived without one.

Using interactive group exercises and real case studies, you will operate in teams, engage in debate and present your outputs to a judging panel that includes a guest speaker from an unexpected discipline.

Digital Delivery Workshop

Our one-day Digital Delivery workshop with user experience at its core, provides attendees with a deeper understanding of the digital delivery process, project methodologies and associated documentation to successfully manage a range of digital scopes of work, from small scale online advertising to more complex builds.

Alongside the delivery framework, the immersive workshop breaks down and explodes some of the myths of the digital world explaining the many acronyms that exist and understanding the make-up of the digital team.

Print Production Workshop

Our one-day Print Production workshop is hugely interactive. Using our print library, attendees have the opportunity to review and explore print formats, processes and finishes.

The workshop focuses on managing creative print Collateral, Press Advertising and Out of Home.

Finally our trainer works with everyone to write artwork briefs and print specifications using physical examples.