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Our one-day Digital workshop provides attendees with a framework that has User Experience at the heart of it and suggested methodologies that can be applied to all digital scopes of work, from small scale online advertising to more complex builds.
The workshop is primarily aimed at people involved in the day to day delivery of digital projects or for those who aren’t hands on, but need to understand the delivery process to be able to talk knowledgeably or have a deeper understanding of their digital agency’s working processes.

Alongside the delivery framework the workshop also breaks down and explodes some of the myths of the Digital world, from positioning UX to be central to the success of a digital project and campaign, to explaining the many acronyms that exist and understanding the make-up of the digital team. Attendees will understand project pitfalls, the challenges at each stage and how to manage the associated risk. As well as learning how to manage each stage of the process, we also supply templates for briefing, scoping, planning, specification, design, content, technical implementation, QA, measurement and evaluation.


  • A process and framework to apply to all digital projects and ‘Cheat sheets’ – key questions that need to be covered at each stage of the process
  • An understanding of how to manage each stage of the process including templates for briefing, scoping, planning, specification, design, content, technical implementation, QA, measurement and evaluation
  • Project pitfalls, challenges at each stage and managing the associated risk
  • Project methodology – when to use Agile
  • Key roles and responsibilities of a digital team with a RACI model
  • Out-sourcing vs in-house
  • An overview of the different technologies involved in digital production and how they are implemented
  • How to estimate and set budgets for digital projects


  • Account Management
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Creatives
  • Marketing Managers


Dan Hibbins

Dan has worked in the digital industry since the infancy of the web and has managed large digital teams of Developers, Project Managers, UX and QA. Dan has also worked as a consultant both agency and client side and within funded start-up environments with Whatafind.com and Lizardorchid.com as well as specialising in multi-market content managed platforms and eCommerce applications for large corporates like easyjet. Dan’s passion is technology and looking for new ways to innovate with technology to solve client problems. Part of this passion is knowledge sharing and ensuring people understand the demands on delivering digital projects.

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Course outline

Part 1: Setting up the challenge

  • Part 1 explores the digital landscape to understand the variety of challenges that a digital project may present. We look at the make-up of the digital team and through the use of RACI identify how responsibility within the team changes as we progress through delivery
  • We discuss Agile delivery and what that actually means and where within our agency world it may apply
  • We also setup the framework that we deep dive into for Part 2

Part 2: Breaking down the delivery framework

  • In part 2 we break down our delivery framework and really understand what happens within each phase, including the outputs of each phase, the key members of the team responsible for delivery of each phase and the common issues/risks that can affect budgets and time
  • We take real-world examples as we go through each phase of delivery and look at some of the outputs from different types of digital projects

At the end of each phase we provide a ‘cheat-sheet’, a list of the key questions that the candidate should ensure they have covered before moving onto the next phase.

Key topics we discuss during part 2:

  • User Experience – The role of UX and its importance in the successful delivery of any digital project
  • Design – A look at the role of design and popular topics such as responsive design
  • Technology – The different technology platforms that exist and how they fit together to bring digital projects to life, from HTML and JavaScript to Ad Platforms and mobile
  • QA – The importance of testing and quality assurance in successful delivery


“Never was a title for a training course more apt. The mystery, language & specialist roles surrounding the world of digital delivery were expertly explained & contextualised. My team of off-line Project Managers are now tackling digital projects with renewed vigour & understanding.”

Steve Freedman
Group Creative Services Director
Leo Burnett


Training Dates

  • 23rd

How To Book

Workshops run from 9.30am – 5.oopm
at a central London location.

£499 + vat per delegate including course notes.

BOOK NOW or Call Melissa Smith on
020 7323 1966

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