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Ever since our launch in 2011, the Industry Club has been passionate about bringing more creative women into the advertising and marketing industry, to encourage individuals who may have left the industry to come back, and for others who may have not considered a career in this industry – to consider the opportunities.

We recognise as recruitment consultants we have a responsibility to ensure that every gender, age, race, religion and sexuality is embraced and are given opportunities within the creative industry with some candidates needing more support, training and mentoring than others.

We want to help nurture, encourage and grow diverse talent and this is why we are passionate and committed to our training workshops at The Industry School which have we have run for the past five years. Our workshops are there to help build confidence and skillsets within your existing teams to help both the candidate and the agency thrive.

We want to help you

We have a commitment to ensure that all potential talent we work with have the same opportunities within the creative business.

    1. We are partners with Creative Equals to encourage women to return to work. Creative Returnships focuses on both mum and dads who may have left the creative and marketing industry and want to come back. This programme offers both placements and full time employment.
    2. We provide training workshops for all creative agencies and direct brands across project management, account management, digital delivery, print production and resource management. We are working with companies through The Industry School to help support individuals who require additional support and believe everyone should benefit so we offer discounted places to agencies with a diversity programme https://theindustryclub.co.uk/the-industry-school/

    3. We are working towards supporting and partnering with local colleges and universities to make students aware of the types of roles within a creative agency.