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Marketing Debuts Apprenticeships

Young people from diverse backgrounds are underrepresented in the creative communications industry.

As a recruiter and a training provider, we’re on a mission to change this and one of our initiatives is via the government’s apprenticeship schemes.

We’ve teamed up with specialist apprenticeship provider, The Opportunity Group, to create two brand new 13-month apprenticeships from January 2021 in two of the most relevant disciplines in our industry today.

Two unique programmes

Creative Project Management

On this programme the learner will acquire skills to make them a commercial and effective project manager. Using real case studies, the apprentice will learn from Industry experts on how to lead creative projects from the middle with skills in scoping, planning, documentation,  and managing resources. People skills play a big part in successful project management, so they will learn the art of negotiation and managing different personalities as well as running project evaluations.

Social media and community management

This programme will give the learners the skills, knowledge and confidence to build a career in social media. They’ll learn all about social media strategy, how to manage online channels and grow communities for a brand or business. Plus how to manage conflict, listen online, analyse data and much more. Everything to become a valuable part of your social media team.

Why hire a Marketing Debuts apprentice?

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the scheme – we’re recruiting apprentices who are under 25, without a degree and from groups underrepresented in agencies or marketing departments. We’ll select candidates based on creativity and motivation rather than academics. We can include existing employees in your cohort in addition to new hires. These will be funded in the same way as new apprentices but would stay on their current salary if you are a levy payer or can assess a levy transfer.

The training is fully funded by the govt levy – Apprentices will spend a fifth of their 13-month programme in subject specific training provided by The Industry School a leading provider of marketing training using industry experts in their field.

Plus – if you hire a learner before January 2021, you’ll receive a contribution of £2,000 from the government towards the scheme. And employer’s National Insurance contributions for learners under 25 are waived – so that’s a further 13.8% saving.


You are using a trusted recruitment partner to verify and shortlist diverse talent to recruit into legitimate and key capability roles in your organisation

These are new and unique schemes that have been developed from the government ‘standard’ into highly viable programmes delivered by Industry experts with a successful track record in industry training (not generic trainers) Apprentices will learn really relevant, commercial ‘on the job’ skills

The programme of training is also available for your existing employees utilising your apprenticeship levy funding or utilising a levy transfer from a corporate donor

Get in touch

Email Melissa Smith at melissa@theindustryclub.co.uk by 2nd November. We’ll then send you further information and set up a Zoom call between you, us and The Opportunity Group.

Once you’ve committed to hiring one or more learners through Marketing Debuts, we’ll invite you to a networking event where you’ll meet the candidates we’ve selected and accepted into the scheme.

Once paired with a Marketing Debut, we’d look for you to make them an offer of employment, ready for them to start their apprenticeship in January 2021.

Why become a Marketing Debuts apprentice?

The scheme breaks down barriers – we created Marketing Debuts specifically for people who may find it hard to enter the exciting world of marketing and advertising. You won’t need a degree or to agree to an unpaid internship on this scheme. The starting salary will be £18k.

You’ll get great training and support – as well as on-the-job training with your employer, you’ll spend one fifth of your time on the programme being schooled by The Industry School on the specific skills you’ll need to progress in your career. You’ll also be part of The Marketing Debuts Network group with a mentor to guide you through the programme and lots of opportunities to share your learnings with other Marketing Debuts apprentices.

What you’ll learn is easily transferrable – the skills, knowledge and behaviours you’ll learn as a Marketing Debuts apprentice will set you up for a great career and a world of exciting options across marketing and advertising, either in an agency or an in-house marketing department.

Why choose Marketing Debuts?

Unlike going to uni where you pay for your tuition, you’ll earn at least £18k (London) per year from day one of your Marketing Debuts apprenticeship

You won’t be alone as a Marketing Debuts apprentice. There’ll be a whole support network including WhatsApp and LinkedIn groups, mentoring, live events and much more to keep you in touch with your fellow apprentices who are having similar experiences to you in other companies

At The Industry School, we don’t do generic courses. All the training and workshops you’ll go on with us are specific to the creative comms industry. So whether you choose project management or social media and community management, we’ll equip you for your role – and a big future – in marketing

Most apprenticeships are in technical and engineering roles or traditional trades. Marketing Debuts gives you a route into creative communications straight from school

Send us your CV

We’re more interested in your creativity and passion to work in marketing than your educational achievements. Ideally, you’ll have left school in the last two years and, if you don’t already have them, we’ll work with you to get your English and Maths GCSEs during the programme.

Get your CV over to katie@theindustryclub.co.uk with a cover letter telling her why this opportunity is for you. But don’t stop there. Tell us also what your favourite brand is and what you think is the most impressive thing they’ve done on social. How you share this with us completely up to you. It could be a video, a presentation, a written piece – the only criteria are that it’s creative and that you get it over by 2nd November.

For more information about applying, hear from Katie Hart, Head of Recruitment for Marketing Debuts and Lorna Karechu, Social Media Manager at leading agency VMLY&R in this interview. You’ll discover what Marketing Debuts involves, what a career in the industry looks like and pick up some cool tips to make your application really stand out.

For more advice on how to apply, watch this interview with industry experts.


Marketing Debuts - Meet The Trainers

Jo is part of our Industry Club family, runs The Industry School and led the development of the Marketing Debuts Social Media and Community Management programme and will present a module on resource management on the Creative Project Management programme.

Read more about Jo’s journey into the industry and her thoughts on diversity

We’re thrilled to have Alex, who looks after paid media at Wilderness, as one of the trainers on our Social Media & Digital Community Management apprenticeship scheme. In his own words ‘If there’s a chance to pass on industry information to the next generation, then I’m all in.’

Alex will teach the basics and benefits of paid social, including tone of voice, how to engage users via an ad and the importance of organic and paid social and how they go hand in hand.

Read more about Alex and why he’s involved in Marketing Debuts.

Zahra joined Wilderness at the end of 2017 and has since realised her love for social insights and data and the role that plays in strategy.

We’re thrilled to have Zahra as one of the trainers on our Social Media & Digital Community Management apprenticeship scheme. Zahra will be sharing her knowledge about being strategic with your creative choices on social to ensure it speaks to the demographic you want to reach.

Read more about Zahra and why she’s involved in Marketing Debuts.

Blaise Grimes-Viort is a marketing and social media consultant. He helps businesses build communities around their brands by developing two-way connections with consumers, workforce and business ecosystems and a sustainable, compassionate and inclusive mindset.

A key player in creating the training content for our Marketing Debuts Social Media and Community Management apprenticeship, Blaise is one of our key trainers.

Read more about Blaise and why he’s involved in Marketing Debuts.

Ben Willmot is Head of Agile Practices at Karmarama where he creates bespoke ways or working for his clients and teams. Ben has been working in the digital industry for over 16 years with a focus on web and app development across financial services, media & entertainment, health, military and aerospace brands.

His blog TBW specialises in coaching others on project management and how to be more productive and effective at home and work.

Read more about Ben and why he’s involved in Marketing Debuts.

Charlotte Williams is the founder of SevenSix Agency, the social media and influencer marketing agency with a focus on representation in advertising and one of our Marketing Debuts’ social media trainers.

Charlotte started her career working as a marketing and digital specialist for several top global brands. Charlotte is also an influencer in her own right and has her own podcast which focuses on sustainability.

Read more about Charlotte and why she’s involved in Marketing Debuts.