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Go further, faster

Skilled, confident and adaptable. It’s people with these qualities that help your business grow in the ever-changing creative communications industry.

That’s why, at The Industry School, we offer industry-specific courses presented by people with inside knowledge of the profession. This means they’re relevant, cost effective and energising.

And, because they’re interactive, engaging and immersive, attendees retain the information.

Today’s talent. Tomorrow’s profits

Our research tells us that people working in advertising and creative communications really value training. The knowledge and confidence it builds empowers them to make greater contributions in their roles and go further, faster.

We also see businesses get great returns when they invest in training. These include improved performance from a highly motivated workforce, better staff retention and the cost savings that follow from upskilling existing employees instead of hiring new talent.


Case studies help our attendees retain what they learn. Working through real life challenges immerses them in the learning experience and allows them to apply and hone their skills throughout their day with us.

Back at the office, they’ll have their ‘little yellow book’ to refer to for ongoing support. This handy resource is packed full of cheat sheets and information to keep your employees at the top of their game long after they’ve attended a course with The Industry School.


Project Management Workshop

This one-day workshop provides attendees with a strong project management framework and proven methodologies to drive consistent planning and delivery of projects. Using real case studies, the day is extremely interactive to enhance the learning and the retention of information.

Resource Management Workshop

In this interactive and practical one-day workshop, attendees will learn how to plan and practise effective and commercially focused resource management. Attendees will discover techniques using skills practice and leave the workshop equipped with practical information on the latest planning tools and techniques.

Digital Delivery Workshop

Our one-day Digital workshop provides attendees with a framework and suggested methodologies that can be applied to all digital scopes of work, from small scale online advertising to more complex builds.
The workshop is primarily aimed at people involved in the day to day delivery of digital projects or for those who aren’t hands on, but need to understand the delivery process to be able to talk knowledgeably
to clients or challenge quotes from agencies.

Print Production Workshop

This one-day workshop is for delegates looking to add print management to their skill set. Attendees learn how the process for printed media differs to online media and best practice for briefing design, artwork and printers. We then apply this knowledge in practical exercises across a range of print media.

Selling the idea – Harnessing Creativity Workshop

Our one-day workshop is designed to enable account teams to work more effectively and productively with their creative teams.
Attendees will look at the principles of creative problem solving and learn ways to stimulate, inspire, recognise and sell great ideas.

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21st September 2017


This one-day workshop provides attendees with a strong project management framework and proven methodologies to drive consistent planning and delivery of projects.

Don't take our WORD for it...

I attended the PM course, coming from a slightly different background to the rest of the group, I found it a really interesting day. Melissa was a great trainer and had plenty of examples of the different stages of Project Management. I especially liked the afternoon session when we put our morning case study into action with role play and personality profiling. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for an overview of project management, or to get an insight into the best way to plan a project start to finish.
Kate Maher

Kate Maher

Project Manager


Never was a title for a training course more apt. The mystery, language & specialist roles surrounding the world of digital delivery were expertly explained & contextualised.
My team of off-line Project Managers are now tackling digital projects with renewed vigour & understanding.

Steve Freedman

Leo Burnett

I have recently sent four Project Managers to the Project Management training course run by Melissa. They all found it incredibly interesting, insightful and encouraging. It was a refreshing confirmation of what they do and why they do it and all found it very rewarding in terms of the philosophy and approach to this diverse role. If you have the opportunity I’d send your guys.

Tim Bath



The course was informative, engaging, well-structured and gave real life examples from Jo’s many years’ experience. It’s given me a great start in my new role and made me feel more confident… I’m keen for Jo to return and run more training with us soon.

Gavin Lawton

Resource Manager

The Open University